18-24 June 2017
Palacio de Congresos
Europe/Madrid timezone
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Andalucía II
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions

Mass Spectra of $D_s$ and $\Omega_c$ in $N_f=2+1+1$ Lattice QCD with Domain-Wall Quarks


  • Prof. Ting-Wai CHIU

Primary authors


We perform hybrid Monte Carlo simulation of lattice QCD with $N_f=2+1+1 $ optimal domain-wall quarks on the $ 32^3 \times 64 $ lattice with lattice spacing $ a \sim 0.06 $~fm, and generate 3 gauge ensembles with pion masses 280-400 MeV. We compute the point-to-point quark propagators, and measure the time-correlation functions of meson and baryon interpolators. The mass spectra of the lowest-lying mesons and baryons containing s and c quarks are in good agreement with the high energy experimental values, together with the predictions of the charmed baryons which have not been observed in experiments. For the new narrow $ \Omega_c $ baryon states recently observed by the LHCb Collaboration [arXiv:1703.04639],
the lowest-lying $ \Omega_c(3000)$ agrees with our predicted mass $M=3015(29)(15)$ of the lowest-lying $ \Omega_c $ with $J^P = 1/2^{-} $ [arXiv:1701.02581].

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Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions