18-24 June 2017
Palacio de Congresos
Europe/Madrid timezone
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Andalucía II
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions

Baryon interactions from lattice QCD with physical masses --- strangeness $S=-1$ sector ---


  • Dr. Hidekatsu NEMURA

Primary authors


We present our recent results of baryon interactions with strangeness $S=-1$ based on Nambu-Bethe-Salpeter (NBS) correlation functions calculated from lattice QCD with almost physical quark masses corresponding to $(m_\pi,m_K)\approx(146,525)$ MeV and large volume $(La)^4=(96a)^4\approx$ (8.1 fm)$^4$. In order to perform a comprehensive study of baryon interactions[1], a large number of NBS correlation functions from NN to $\Xi\Xi$ are calculated simultaneously by using large scale computer resources. In this contribution, we focus on the strangeness $S=-1$ channels[2] of the hyperon interactions by means of HAL QCD method. The latest results will be presented.


[1] H. Nemura, Comput. Phys. Commun. 207, 91 (2016) [arXiv:1510.00903 [hep-lat]].

[2] H. Nemura et al., PoS LATTICE2016, 101 (2017) [arXiv:1702.00734 [hep-lat]].

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Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions