18-24 June 2017
Palacio de Congresos
Europe/Madrid timezone
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Andalucía III
Hadron Structure

Electric Dipole Moment Results from Lattice QCD


  • Dr. Jack DRAGOS

Primary authors


We utilise a new method to calculate electric dipole moments induced by the strong QCD $\theta$-term and the dimension 6 Weinberg term. The method is based on the gradient flow for gauge fields and is free from renormalisation ambiguities at non-vanishing flow times.

The results of the nucleon electric dipole moments are calculated on PACS-CS gauge fields (from japan lattice data grid) using $N_{f}=2+1$, of discrete size $32^{3}\times 64$ and spacing $a = 0.09$ fm. These gauge fields use a renormalization-group improved gauge action and an $O(a)$ improved clover quark action at $\beta = 1.90,\ C_{SW} = 1.715$ and the calculation was performed on pion masses of $m_{\pi} = 411,701$ MeV.

The preliminary EDM results arising from the Weinberg term is the first of its kind coming from $2+1$ flavoured Lattice QCD.

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Physics Beyond the Standard Model